Editorial Features 2021

Voice of the Independent is published monthly, with each edition containing a comprehensive editorial feature. Each feature will look at a particular industry subject in detail and include local knowledge with specialist forwarders.

The UK has left the EU. What do forwarders need to know, how can they help their customers grapple with the new bureaucracy, and how can the logistics industry overcome the challenges?
Vaccine Distribution
It’s the biggest product launch in history – and one of the most challenging. What roles can independent forwarders take, what preparations are needed and how will the roll-out work?
e-Commerce Logistics
Covid-19 has accelerated the growth of e-Commerce. What lessons were learned in 2020, and how can forwarders support retail customers in selling online?
Time Critical Logistics
2020 saw major supply chain disruption, but has it dented appetite for just-in-time logistics, or increased it, and how are specialist forwarders faring?
Project Logistics
The global economy has been severely dented, while oil prices fell significantly. Has that affected demand for projects, and which regions are seeing the most growth?
One Belt One Road
How is the Chinese initiative going; have shippers embraced road services to Europe; what is the affect on intra-Asian trade, and what are the latest developments in rail?
Lack of air freight capacity has hampered perishable exports from some regions. How has the market changed, can sea freight take up the slack and what challenges is the market facing?
With shippers increasingly calling for low emission logistics, how can forwarders help them achieve that and what technology is available to help calculate emissions or lower them?
Air Charter
Air freight capacity is likely to be in a better place than last year, but charters are still a critical characteristic of today’s market.
Training & Recruitment
After the employment shocks of 2020, has 2021 been a good time to pick up new talent, and how can the logistics industry ensure a good pool of young people is interested and trained?
Pharmaceutical Logistics
With most of the attention on vaccine distribution, how have pharma supply chains fared, and has the sector seen improvement in infrastructure and expertise?
Nearly two years since Covid-19 first appeared and drove the industry to pick up the pace of digitisation, where are we now? What technologies have become prevalent, and what is on the cards for 2022?
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