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Circulation & Readership


Voice of the Independent’s high quality and industry leading distribution greatly increasing the publication’s impact. Our mailing database comprises of 20,000 global freight forwarder offices plus 1,000 industry partners including airlines, airports, ports, shipping lines, GSAs, charter brokers and industry associations.

If you are a freight forwarder seeking to raise your profile in the marketplace, attract new partners around the globe and market your services to thousands of shippers, Voice of the Independent is the logical and cost-effective choice to meet your needs. Other trade publications are full of stories about the carriers, airports, ports and multinational forwarders, however Voice is tailored directly to the tens of thousands of SME freight forwarders that make up over 60 per cent of worldwide logistics volumes.

No other publication can match Voice of the Independent’s combination of a dedicated circulation to over 30,000 freight forwarders alongside the lowest advertising rates in the industry.

A survey of the leading industry publications has revealed that an average full page cost per thousand rate is US$360. That means to reach 1,000 potential customers costs $360. Voice of the Independent has a cost per thousand rate of just US$116 – over three times more cost-efficient than the industry average.

In terms of circulation, price and influence over your customers there is no publication that comes close to matching Voice of the Independent.

Figures are based on the July 2021 issue
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